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, susie, on the labor market and housing. >> susie: u.s. secretary timothy geithner told the pbs newshour, it is important to remember the financial crisis cut very deep with millions of americans losing their jobs. >> tom: while geithner acknowledges we have an enormous whole to climb out, he says the economy is healing. he spoke about strong exports and increased business development. and the treasury secretary spoke with the "news hour"'s jim lehrer. >> if it is going so well, why does it feel like it isn't going so well. >> the scars of this recession were traumatic. people saw the value of their savings plummet. a terrible blow to basic confidence. you're still seeing lasting effect of that damage on business confidence and how people feel about their basic lives. people, understandably, feel a little cautious and tentative. we've seen a little concern about europe wash across the economy. no recoveries are even and steady. what you can say today with confidence is we're in a much stronger position today than we were 18 months ago. much stronger position to deal were you with were ou
of spying for the west in exchange for the suspects arrested in the u.s. the climate conundrum. some of the world's most influential scientists are clear of hiding key data to exaggerate global warming. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. my name is mike embly. coming up -- the israeli group is proving a big hit in broadway and london. and fighting for a place for the final, germany and spain are head to head in the world cup semis. britain has confirmed its troops are being moved out in the african province of hellmund, where they have taken casualties. thared of all losses have been there. american forces will take over. it's been described as a redeployment. the taliban are likely to portray it as a victory for them. bbc correspondent jonathan beal has this report. >> it's one of the most lethal places on the planet. this is sangy, scene of the heaviest british fighting and where they suffered the heaviest casualties. is this small stretch of lush, greenland is also fertile ground for drug smuggling corruption and the
of spying in the west in exchange for suspects arrested in the u.s.. some of the world's most influential scientists are cleared of hiding key data to exaggerate global warming. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, they are blind and deaf, and this is really theater group is a big hit on broadway and in london. and spain celebrants' making it to the world cup final, beating germany 1-0. -- and spain celebrates making it to the world cup final, beating germany, 1-0. >>> hello. britain has confirmed its troops are being moved out of an afghan province of homeland, where the have taken heavy casualties. 1/3 of all british losses have been in helmand province. american forces will take over in far greater numbers, described officially as the redeployment. the taliban as likely to portray it as a victory for them. frank gardner has this report. >> more than 90 britons have died fighting here. it is by far the most dangerous place to serve, or roadside bombs and cyprus and the cliffs eclipsed much of the progress. soon, it will be ameri
because the turks have been very upset with the u.s. policy toward iran. they see it as too confrontational. the problem is that the americans are not in an advice- taking mode. actually we're not very good at taking advice in general. we're actually used to giving advice. the idea that we should have partners in the middle east who have other ideas about how to approach the crises there. we should maybe adjust our policies according to what our friends in the neighborhood suggest. it's something we're just not ready for. and so senator kerry on the broadcast here recently said to me, you know, turkey speaks to and has resonance with the arab street today, number one. number two, they're in a contest for leadership in the arab world. >> you're absolutely right. i wouldn't say just the arab world but the whole middle east. turkey is now able to play a role that no other country can play. how did turkey get to this position? because it's only been ten years that turkey has been really active in the world. before that turkey was just the loyal faithful foot soldier of the u.s.
be in the works to trade accused spies between u.s. and russia. we show you how supporters of arizona now contested immigration law are fighting back. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm shannon bream in tonight for bret baier. there is outrage in some quarters tonight because of president obama's use of a recess appointment to install his controversial pick to run medicare and medicaid. chief washington correspondent jim angle tells us why the reaction to dr. donald burrwick is so emotional. >> burrwick will run the largest insurance program in the country because medicare and medicaid cover 100 million americans and spends $800 million. but burrwick has said things that are not part of the administration pitch on healthcare. any healthcare funding plan that is just equitable, civilized and humane he said, must, must redistrict wealth. republicans suspected obama didn't want a confirmation hearing where such statements were bound to come up and that's why he waited 17 months to nominate someone. >> he didn't want somebody to have to answer the
might remember hearing a lot about the marja operation in mid-february. intense combat lead by u.s. marines and british troops and afghan forces to be followed by what general mcchrystal called a government in a box. rolling out governance after the combat. government in a box hasn't worked out that way. it hasn't stood out by any means. security isn't established, and people siding with the afghan government there have been threatened and targeted up to and including assassination. kandahar has been portrayed in the press as the twin operation to marha. twin but bigger. the line i raerd is since marja isn't a success, at least yet, maybe ever, the same type of operation in kandahar has been delayed. that's what it seemed like at home, at least to me before i got here. here it does not seem like that. here it's clear that kandahar isn't delayed. it's well under way. they're not blowing things up in kandahar. they're doing things like opening police stations. let me show you some of that instead of trying to explain it. we flew in a blackhawk helicopter with general hodges to a base
'll be among a group of russian prisoners traded for the ten alleged spies recently arrested in the u.s. his brother says sutyagin was suddenly transferd from a remote prison to a moscow cell. >> an international spy swap. >> reporter: while a russian television newscast trumpeted an imminent exchange, no official swap has been announced. the white house swatted away questions. >> this is, as we've said earlier, law enforcement matter. >> reporter: sources say it's likely spy deal will get done as u.s. and russian negotiators work out the details. in a possible precursor, the alleged spy arrested in virginia and boston were transferred to new york. all ten suspects will be in court there tomorrow. >> what the tea leaves seem to suggest is that you have a bundling of the individuals and the issues so that if there is a deal to be struck it can be struck quite effectively and efficiently. >> reporter: sources say a spy exchange could be a tidy ending to what's become a bit of a diplomatics me. the arrest of the ten alleged russian agents came just days after the so-called hamburger summit desi
blitzer takes us through the next hours. >>> rick, thanks very much. happening now, questions for u.s. troops about gays serving openly in the united states military. we have new information this hour about a brand new survey that could influence plans to repeal don't ask don't tell. >>> plus, some of the alleged russian spies now on the move amid reports that the u.s. may swap them for agents held by moscow. >>> and what could liberal democrat barney frank and libertarian conservative republican ron paul possibly agree on? find out when two of the most outspoken and provocative members of congress team up right here. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> up first, a key step toward allowing gays to serve openly in the united states military. today the pentagon began sending out a formal survey to all u.s. troops about plans to repeal the don't ask don't tell policy. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she is working this story. it's only a matter of time, barbara, until gays are allowed to serve openly according to the president but this is an imp
and will be transferred by the u.s. marshals service. the three include a husband and wife couple who prosecutors say admitted to being russian citizens and living under false identities after their arrest. those false identities -- they are killed -- they are charged with failing to register and conspiracy to commit money laundering. they face 25 years if convicted. another man is charged with failure to register as a foreign agent. there are talks under way between prosecutors and the defense that could result in plea deals like reduced sentences or reduced charges benefiting both be accused and the government. prosecutors would be able to avoid lengthy trials as well as having to release of sensitive information such as intelligence gathering the prosecutors would also learn exactly what these individuals were up to. >> we heard earlier some reports about a potential swap between the u.s. and russia? >> reports are coming in about this. we are hearing from the brother of a man imprisoned in russia, a nuclear research scientist convicted in 2004 of passing classified information to a british compan
shukrijumah. the u.s. has a $5 million bounty out for him. he's one of the al qaeda operational leaders. he's believed to be linked to this case and there's concern about him. he's still on the loose, and four others also named in the criminal charges handed up today. >> so much has changed in our perception of 9/11 about al qaeda. we know there are all these tentacles that go out there. in some cases we've focused on other group, but what does this tell us if anything about al qaeda and its power within the united states. >> i think it does two things. one, that overseas, there's certainly a structure in place and there's great concern that they're still trying to carry out attacks here in the u.s., here in new york. there have been 11 attempts since 9/11 here in new york. and they remain concerned that whether it's the lone wolf or whether it's al qaeda itself-inspired plot that it's a pa main concern. but the drone strikes that the cia efforts have disrupted the network there. they may not be as capable so they wind up with not as sophisticated operatives trying to off bombs in plots tha
for another month. those russians accused of spying in the u.s. may be heading home in a prisoner swap. it was widely reported today that an exchange is in the works. five of the russian suspects were being moved from virginia and boston, to new york. the other five suspects are already there. they could be traded for several people convicted in russia of passing secrets to the u.s. more than 50 iraqis were killed in attacks across baghdad today. 32 of them died in a suicide bombing. the victims were shi-ite pilgrims crossing a bridge to a shrine to commemorate a shi-ite saint. the attack came despite tight security. the u.s. toll in afghanistan rose again today as three more troops died in a roadside bombing in the south. that made 10 americans killed so far in july. also today, an airstrike mistakenly killed five afghan soldiers in the east. the afghan ministry of defense-- m.o.d.-- complained, and the international security assistance force-- i-saf--said a joint investigation was underway. >> ( translated ): we have started investigating the incident since this morning, we also con
show you how they're keeping the power flowing. >>> spies on the move. the u.s. and russia swapping secret agents. >>> jindal on a tear. bobby jindal rips into federal experts. who is right now about what he wants? we double check. >>> and ringo at 70. and we know his secret birthday wish. >>> good evening. it is the fourth day now of 100 degree temperatures, and the heat is taking its toll. we've seen water mains bursting. here's one. and the roads are buckling from the heat. up and down the east coast, big cities bake for another day. and those people who have to direct the power grids are trying something heroic to avoid blackouts. we're going to show you their decisions, as sharyn alfonsi starts us off in a truly steamy new york. >> reporter: diane, surprisingly, there are no widespread outages tonight. but utility companies tell us the worst problems may be ahead. so, cities around the country are taking extreme measures. they struggled to make their way out of a steamy subway station. the escalators shut off to conserve power. extreme measures to cut down on extreme demand for
in europe, you see more value there than in investing in any u.s. companies? >> i think so. it is not to discount the united states. the united states should grow faster than europe. it is just which the values and the prices have been discounted so substantially in europe because of the problems with their banks and the potential bailouts of greece and so on, that value is presenting itself. >> susie: now, it's interesting, even though today we had a big rally, and the stock market hasn't been like this in the last couple of weeks, and investors have been so worried, pouring their money into bond funds and into u.s. treasuries, and you see the best days of bond investing are over. how long can investors count on decent returns from bonds? >> i think the best days are over. and that means, simply, the days of price appreciation in terms of bonds added to the yield, which in many cases produced double-digit types of years are over, but it doesn't mean that bonds will go down in price and that 3% to 4% to 5% yields available to investors through pimco funds and others aren't
competition to urt the u.s. airways, hurt the northwest, the southwest, the jet blublues, and the departmenf transportation is a willing participant. the consumers are already high your far higher shares, anr objective is to make sure the same impacts go into the pacific. they aae hurling everything possible to stop squinty of those cases. they do not want evidence presented. i have at applications to say wait a minute, the court claim of the japan cases is the network synergies. i use to run the biggest of thun tokyo. i understand -- i can evaluate the claim. i am in the top five for the best person to evaluate this. the department of transportation said absolutely not we can have had aayone evaluate this. we're crating new rule that says only lawyers can do it. -- we are creating a new rule that says only lawyers an do it. they're going to hat level to scrutiny of the claims. just go back and allow their a viable -- verifiable skirt the and i think you would serve two- thirds of the problem right there. he would also bring the airline consolidation movement to a >> you are quite right. w
. doing $1 million in annual sales to the u.s. alone. why isn't bp using this peat moss to soak up part of the spill? the owner of the peat moss company telling that newspaper bp has informed him it cannot use it it because the oil giant would not then be able to retrieve the oil afterwards. you may translate that as, the oil giant would not be able to sell the oil afterwards. bp and it's co-conspirators gaining from previously unreported tax benefits. it's allowed to write off the rent it paid to transocean that owned deep water horizon in order to lease the oil rig. that saves bp hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. transocean having fled first to the cayman islands and switzerland to lower its corporate tax bill by almost 15%. the center for american progress counting nine different subsidies that the u.s. government gives to an industry that makes more than any other industry, including, refunds for drilling costs and refunds for searching for oil. subsidies make up 88% of all federal subsidies, just cutting the oil and gas subsidies out would save the u.s. government $45 billio
to the united nations. today, the four largest providers of u.s. -- un peacekeeping troops were distributed around the world. you are working with us to force the development, a dead to rights, and promote global security. in september, we gathered for this mission by pushing for progress towards the millennium development goals. this s the blueprint of the world's leaders to save lives of the poor and vulnerable, to promote gender equality, and to provide education, opportunity, and decent work to billions of people. we will once again he your call and devote our full strength to the ideals of our charter and to realizing a better world for all. your majesty, for your dedication to the united kingdom and the commonwealth, to the united nations and our common values, we say thank you and welcome and we wish you continued good health and we are happy to have you here today. thank you very much. [applause] >> would like to invite her majesty, queen elizabeth ii, to address the general assembly. >> mr. president, secretary general, members of the general assembly -- i believe i was last here
immigration law before it even kicks in. a u.s. soldier now facing charges. accused of leaking this classified video. and why is breaking up so hard to do? science might tell us. you really might be addicted to love after all. >>> you knew it was coming. the feds suing arizona. trying to stop its tough new immigration law. the law that among other things requires police to question people they think might be in the country illegally. it is supposed to kick in three weeks from tomorrow. justice department basically says hold on, arizona. you can't make your own immigration laws because that's washington's job. governor jan brewer says that's the problem. washington has not done its jobs and arizona is paying the price. >> we need the federal government to do their job. if they don't do it, arizona will. >> reporter: governor brewer says the doj is wasting taxpayer money fighting this law. that it should use the money to fight the violent mexican drug cartels that have bled over the border. doj's beef with the law might be constitutional but other critics say that it will encourage racial profil
, or in arizona, the know if they are applied to become u.s. citizens? caller: i do not know. but i'm just concerned with the reality of people living here in arizona. i get tired of people attacking the president over. he is not doing anything different from the last five presidents, none of them have done anything about this. there is no way to round them up. how'd you do that? there is no one who has the money to do that. we have to deal with it in a rational way that makes sense. host: in this article, and the challenge expected for weeks, justice department attorneys said the law of arizona violates the constitutioo by turn to supersede federal law and by impairing the right to travel and conduct interstate commerce of illegal immigrants. the next phone call comes from bakersfield, california. caaler: the way that i see it the federal government has done apparently all they can about illegal immigration. the state of arizona is just trying to say, hey, we know what is going on. we know that we have people who aae crossing the border illegally, so we will try to put a stop to it. the f
there is no ten notice relationship between the u.s. and his real and that the middle east peace process is moving forward. >> reports about the demise of the special u.s./israel relations -- relationship aren't just premature. they are just flat wrong. >> if you look at every public statement that i have made over the last year and a half, it has been a constant reaffirmation of the special relationship between the united states and his real. >> the president and i discussed concrete steps that could be done now, in the coming days, the coming weeks, to move the peace process further along in a very robust way. and when i say the next few weeks, that's what i mean, the president means that, too. >> and it's the pictures that really tell the story. back in march, netanyahu arrived at a side door in the white house with no pomp or circumstance and no commander in chief waiting to greet him and no photo ops. today, a different story, the two posing to shake hands, walking to the oval office, side by side what came out of today's meeting, joining us to talk about this is a senior political writer the
different subsidies that the u.s. government gives including refunds for drilling costs and refunds for searching for oil. subsidies make up 88% of all federal subsidies, just cutting the oil and gass subsidies out would save the u.s. government $45 billion every year. from the outrageous to the absurd, it proved today that during the 1970s bp put its name on a board game called offshore oil strike about the thrills of drilling. rediscovered by the uk metro newspaper, the game clearly never rivalled monopoly, but the parallels between it and the current disaster nothing if not eerie. the rules are this according to two to four players compete in the north sea exploring for oil, building platforms and laying pipelines to bring offshore oil back to the player's home company. first player to make 120 million wins, but they have to avoid dreaded hazard cards which read blow out, rig damaged, oil slick clean upcost, pay $1 million. how quaint. time to call in oil and gas industry veteran bob cavnar. thanks for your time again tonight. >> good evening, keith. thanks hav
made a pledge to double u.s. exports over the next five years. what the president said todaybuilt progress being made on overseas sales. >>> plus an update on the oil spill in the gulf including how the city shedd aquarium will help relief efforts. >>> all-star free agent dwayne wade makes a decision on his future. we will tell you where he will play and which other big player is going with him. @@รณg@ >>> illinois construction executive testifies again today at corruption trial of former governor rod blagojevich, gerald krozel told jurors he felt pressured by the ex- governor to generate campaign cash. julie unruh is following the case live now from the dirksen federal building where it just keep getting more and more interesting. >> reporter: it does get more interesting. 2008 tollway bill is monopolizing the courtroom all morning long. that construction executive that you speak of spoke yesterday as well as this morning all about it. he felt the governor was truly shaking him down for fundraising money in exchange for a piece of that construction bill. 70-year-old jerry
people were killed in those attacks and this information coming to light today. according to u.s. officials shows that there are still coordinated and persistent attempts by the west enemies to carry out terror attacks. shep? >> thanks. now the question is about whether washington and moscow are working on a secret deal to trade accused spies. investigators in the united states rounded up 10 russian suspects just last week and right now, they're moving all of them here to new york. it's not clear if this could be part of a preparation for a swap but it's not the only sign we're seeing tonight. u.s. officials in d.c. also met with the russian ambassador there and the state department spokesman admits to fox news the spying issue was probably on the agenda. >> did the case -- the spy case come up? likely, it did. am i going to get into details? no, i'm going to refer you to the justice department. >> same story from the white house, talk to the justice department. we'll give this a go. david lee miller live in our newsroom in new york. is justice talking? auto anot a great deal.
. this over -- this will turn over responsibility to u.s. forces by the end of this calendar year. the valley is one of the deadliest for british forces accounting for 99 of the 312 soldiers who have died in afghanistan since 2001. nato air strike killing five afghan soldiers, two others wounded. it happened southwest of kabul. the soldiers were mistaken for taliban. friendly fire problems, friction between the government and nato. that's a quick look at what's happening in the headlines right now. but not all that's happening including, you know, i was over in disney and they have british newspapers. >> yes. >> they are all over this russian spy story because this very attractive red head was married to a british guy. >> anna chapman. >> he had no idea that his one time wife was doing double duty. >> the question this morning is as you see this headline. russia seeks a spy swap. this sounds like something out of a tom clancy novel but it's absolutely true. we know the united states government and russian government is brokering a swap, could take place as early as tomorrow. we don't know if
, sweat, and tears. they will now withdraw from the district to make way for u.s. forces. the government says that it makes sense. jonathan has the report. >> the royal marines currently serving there have already been hit by some of the heaviest fighting this summer. over the last few months 11 marines have lost their lives. bagram total of 99 servicemen have been killed in this one small province. richard hollinger and was the 300 to british soldier to die. he was buried in hampshire only yesterday. his father had already questioned whether his sacrifice was worth it. today the defense secretary will have to explain to him and the md's in the common fly. there are likely to face accusations of retreats. military airlift -- analysts agree that the transfer makes sense. >> and the taliban will call the victory, but it is not. it is a sensible redeployment of forces. americans know very well how courageous our soldiers have been in this tough situation. >> an american commander is now in charge. after the recent surge he has more boots on the ground. britain insists that they are not lowe
and because of the u.s.a. versus england matchup, of course, the u.s.a. won, but that's why they launched this ad and this ad is going to continue to run to advertise the challenger. the ad that we ran at the top of this report has to do with the jeep grand cherokee, this is the new car coming from the chrysler fiat new merger out there right now, and chrysler, again, says it's a way to play up the heritage, the pride in american craftsmanship as this car is made in detroit, jon. that's what they're trying to play off. as far as appealing to one party or the other, that's not the focus. jon: i have a chrysler in my garage, bought it several years ago, but how is my investment in the company going? >> you have a pretty big investment as a taxpayer, it's hard to look at this company as what it is now versus what it was before the financial crisis. the company before the financial crisis received about $15 billion in taxpayer money. we lost some of that money, some of that money was paid back, and essentially, a new company emerged with chrysler and fiat merging together. we have a 9 percent
in the process. >>> and the u.s. versus arizona. an epic constitutional showdown over immigration. we'll consult the lawyer who argued bush versus gore. >>> it is july 7th, 2010. i'm chuck todd live here in aspen. >> good morning, i'm savannah guthrie live in washington. we'll explain why chuck is in aspen in a moment, but first, we'll get right to the rundown. we are going to start with the white house and what some say is the president's end run around congress. he will install donald burrway to run medicare and medicaid today in a recess pointment to help him avoid a messy confrontation process. mike baa caro is joining us from the white house. the white house says republicans left them no choice. >> reporter: right. they call it typical washington game playing. they say it was clear the republicans were going to stall as long as they could. savannah, it is right there in article 2, section 2, of the constitution. the president can make recess pointments when the congress is in recess as it is this week, and that individual would sherve until the end of the next session. that's donald burwick
qaeda facilitator was communicating by email with zazi in the u.s. and nasser in the couple of them. the indictment says shukrijumah remains at large and ac madd is operating out pakistan. >> you're showing off with the names. >> reporter: i perhapsed them. >> shepard: you and cathrine herridge rolling those names off your tongue. impressive. >> i practice. >> shepard: it was worth it. our viewers and i appreciate it. molly, we appreciate it. >> weather alert, good grief. it needs to stop. all right? there are old people trying to get on the subway. the subway today is 141 on the platform. not really but probably felt like it. i wasn't there. i don't have any room to complain because its 60 in the studio. but look at the fox news corner of the world. can we look? it's hot out there. you can't see the heat but you can see nobody is on the street. you know what happened? this morning millions of people were walking around getting stuff done. they all dropped dead. too damn hot for humans. triple digit temperatures for another day, another test for power grids. in illinois, the upper l
associated withel u.s. and canada institute there. accused of essentially selling nuclear secrets from russia to employees of a british security firm, which is i believe to have been the front for a cia operation. he was convicted in 2004, sentenced to 15 years, in prison. he's all the time, though, denied his innocence. although today his mother says that he has been forced, in her words, to sign a confession that he is guilty of this spying, as one of the terms of this alleged prisoner swap deal. >> and one final question, matthew. do you know of any other time that the u.s. may have tried to intercede on this scientist's behalf and get him released? >> reporter: no. certainly they have not done that publicly, and throughout his period that he has been held since 2004, igor sutyagin has repeatedly said he didn't do any spying for the united states or any spying for the british, which is what he is accused of. but it doesn't mean that those representations didn't happen. and there's a lot of speculation here now. it seems a bit bizarre, but speculation that this whole spy scandal in the unit
the story plus her majesty makes a trip across the pond. more on the queen's visit to the u.s., next. >> record temperature tomorrow, but there is a little bit of heat in the seven-day forecast. we will check that out. 93 degrees. winds are common. signal. airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air. >> queen elizabeth travel to the u.s. for the first time in 34 years. the 84-year-old laid wreaths at ground zero to honor the victims, and she addressed the general assembly at the united nations, urging them to work towards peace. the queen and her husband, prince philip, are expected to return to england to night. >> you hear it here all too often -- recall after recall, but this time, some researchers are concerned people are no longer paying attention. three separate recalls were issued within 24 hours. a new study found nearly 60% of americans have never researched of recall. researchers say it is not a good idea to think you will not be affected. >> if you eat the product anyway and nothing happens, you are more likely to say
. >>> if you have been a tourist, as many of us have, in a lot of big u.s. cities adjacent to a body of water, you have seen or taken a ride on one of the so-called duck boats, amphibious vehicles that ride like a vehicle and a vessel in the water. there was a tragedy involving one of them today in the delaware river in philadelphia. our own stephanie gosk is following the story from our newsroom. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. on a hot summer day a boat ride may have seemed like a good idea, but the 35 passengers and two crew members on the duck boat tour ended their afternoon struggling for their lives. their small 18-foot vehicle burst into flames causing the engine to stall. the 250-foot barge slammed right into them. the duck boat capsized, flinging all 37 passengers into the water. emergency crews including local rescue workers and the coast guard rushed to help, pulling survivors onto speedboats. rescue teams are still searching for a 16-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man. >> we're doing everything that we can to search for the unaccounted for individuals.
the u.s. citizens as well as legal immigrants. >> greta: here's why i hate it. there are better ways to deal with illegal immigration than this. cut often air conditioning of someone who is elderly and the person dies from dehydration and the heat. and it gets hot in arizona. what about the family trying to cook a meal for the infant, whatever it is. we don't have to go to this point to get in . we to get our government to act. for the life of me, i can't imagine cutting utilities that's how you live. >> greta, first of all, let me define, address the illegal population not just border crossers from mexico or canada, it includes visa over-stayers whether for work, tourists, education. they are considered illegals as well. the point is, we have to have a reasonable period upon which giving the illegal immigrants fair notice, fair opportunity upon which they can take care of their families and there would be no health repercussions. >> greta: to me it is flat out cruel and i think there are more effective ways. i hope your proposal fails. i urge you to join some of your other colleague
of an exchange for the people detained in the u.s. by -- for people that have been convicted of spying for the u.s. in russia. an old-fashioned cold war spy swap, if you will. we use that term spy, even though the russian agents haven't actually been charged with spying. there is discussion of it. we have been told by government officials that there are preliminary discussions underway. but nothing's going to happen very quickly if it happens at all. the brother of one of the russians who was convicted in 2004 in russia of spying for the u.s., his brother has told a news conference in russia that his brother was told that tex change could happen any day now, that as early as thursday he might be on his way to vienna and ultimately to the united states. but we're told that there are lots of complicated details to work out here, andrea. >> although they might do something where they would release the russian spy and release him first before any action on our end because they don't want to make it that obvious that it's a quid pro q o quo. so sometimes these cases are staggered a little bit. >> based
will not appoint himself to the seat. >>> president obama says his effort to double u.s. exports over the next five years is moving right along. the president claims the nation's sales abroad were up 17% in the first four months of this year and reiterated his commitment to job growth. >> we launched the national export initiative, an ambitious effort to team up with america's businesses, large and small and help them unleash their energy and innovation and grow their markets, support new jobs selling their goods and services across the globe. >> as many as four guns belonging to the security team for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are gone, either lost or stolen here in the u.s. the handguns were in two suitcases that got lost when the security officials flew from new york to d.c. on american airlines. the suitcases later turned up in los angeles, no guns. so far no comment from american airlines. the new york port authority is investigating. >>> russian war games in full swing in siberia. the drill involves 5,000 troops happening in provinces bordering mongolia and china. the military
. the u.s. postal service is thinking of an increase from 44 to 46 cents. if approved it would go into effect in january. >>> battling breast cancer is a struggle for any woman but having sisters by your side can make a difference. that's what's sister's network tries to do is to offer support and bring attention to the impact breast cancer has in the african american community. >> people have their sororities and sister network is our sorority. you feel the love and encouragement when you come in. you feel the efficacy that we bring to the table. >> sisters network provides women with information on breast cancer related agencies and resources like free mammograms. for more information and find out how you can make a difference check out our website,, and click on the news tab and then click health. >>> police in howard county are hitting the road interacting with the community and having a little fun. the community athletic program or c.a.p. is back for a second year. a mobil rec center staffed by police offersers helping to teach kids what police really do for the
of time. a similar bomb had been used against the saudi officials. a u.s. officials of gotten a briefing about a particular type of bomb. it does not appear that the information was disseminated to the psa -- tsa. am i correct? why did it not work that way? >> what i will tell you is that tsa every single day has a robust playbook of measures that it uses and it employs those measures so that we do not give a potential adversary the benefit of predictability. in partnership with many countries around theeworld, they are constantly updating our knowledge based on what exists, what kind of explosives, what kind of technologies, what kind strategy's tariffs may have -- terrorists may have. >> [unintelligible] >> the kind of material is not part to go the exotic. >> but he put it in his underwear was something that it only been seen in saudi before. >> without going into some of the specifics of the case that you are talking about, we knew about this kind of material. we are constantly working to ensure that we prevent that kind in danger from happening. >> another part of the mission is to
in prison for allegedly leaking this classified videotape showing a u.s. attack on suspected terrorists in iraq. we're going to take a look at the charges he's facing, aiding and abetting, treason, espionage? we're going to find out why he may have done this. martha: the battle is very much on, the white house versus arizona. there is new reaction this morning on the administration's move to sue the state over their controversial immigration law. >> i think that this is a movement not only afor the in arizona but a movement throughout the united states of people wanting action from the federal government, and so we will probably see these types of bills being enacted in other states. we need the federal government to do their job, and if they don't do it, then arizona will. martha: all right. in an already hot summer, this may be the hottest issue of all this summer. we're going to talk to democratic lawmaker from arizona, we'll get her reaction to all of this, right after this break. stay with us. good stuff. [ male announcer ] thinking about your florida vacation and about what's happ
are all in u.s. custody. >>> if you haven't bought those forever stamps you might want to make a run for the post office. that's because the postal service wants another rate increase. it will not cover the agency's deepening financial hole. >> reporter: the postal service now wants to raise your stamp prices by 2 cents. and make sending small packages about 7% more expensive. but that is not likely to stop the bleeding. in recent years, the postal service has let go of more than 200,000 employees and cut $1 billion a year in expenses. and it's still looking at a deficit of $7 billion this year. so now the postal service is proposing cutting saturday delivery, which would save $2 billion to $3 billion a year. and there are other ideas pouring in from all over. including turning the nation's 36,000 post offices into places where you can buy retail items, get hunting and fishing licenses, or just hang out. kind of like starbucks. >> it could well be something like that. where you get wi-fi, you get help with some sort of identification card that you need, or more information. >> report
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